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Shameless Self Promotion 
02:27pm 28/03/2008
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Well, I feel I've done my fair share of promo for many other people's books and, since my own novel's been out four years and sales have completely flattened out in the past few months, I thought I'd give it one last push of shameless self-promotion.

It's entitled King of Cats and it's about a closeted British rock musician living on NY's Lower East Side and his troubled relationships with the two men in his life. You might enjoy it if you're looking for something contemporary, but dark and a bit different.

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If you want to check out my Amazon reviews or (bless you) order the book, here's a link:
Wicked Gentlemen by Ginn Hale 
01:23pm 16/10/2007


It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited about a novel, but Ginn Hale’s WICKED GENTLEMEN is utterly amazing. Since I know there’s a huge contingent of gay fantasy fiction fans out there, I wanted to post my Amazon review and a link for anyone looking for something a little dark, a lot romantic and entirely unique.

As I said in my own journal - the writing is lyrical. The "worldbuilding," utterly flawless. The characters, both major and minor, are subtle and believable. Great dialogue. Engaging, angsty love story and [a little bit of] hot sex.

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Here’s the link to the book on Amazon:

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What Love Means to You People by NancyKay Shapiro 
12:44pm 20/03/2006
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Anyone read WHAT LOVE MEANS TO YOU PEOPLE by NancyKay Shapiro yet?

Here's the link on Amazon:


It's pretty new. Got a favourable write-up in Time Out NY this week. The sex is supposed to be really hot. I rarely buy brand new hardbacks but I'm tempted. Advice?
Latest Slashy Book Recs 
09:08am 20/03/2006

FROM BLUE TO BLACK by Joel Lane. Two star-crossed lovers who are also musicians in an up-and-coming band in early 90's Birmingham. Carl, the lead singer/guitarist, is a heartbreakingly complex character with a dark history. The author is a poet uses his amazing language skills to paint a portrait as bleak and hopeless as its backdrop - England's depressed, industrial North. Gorgeous and sad.

THE FIRST VERSE by Barry McCrea. If you can relate to the idea of being "seduced" by the written word, this book is mesmerizing. It's about a first year Beckett scholar at Trinity in Dublin who becomes involved with a cult whose members use random quotes, culled from random books to dictate every choice they make in life. It is literate, dense, complex and a bit surreal. Highly, highly recommended (by the way, the protagonist is gay, but his sexuality has nothing directly to do with the plot and all I can say is...it's about damned time).
SANDEL by Angus Stewart 
12:20pm 01/02/2006
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Looking to see if anyone here knows of (or, better still, knows how to get hold of) the book SANDEL by Angus Stewart. [see Amazon link]


I found this on someone's Listmania list. She described it as a non-explicit story of boy love that is impossible to get hold of. On Amazon, the least expensive second hand copy is $316. Based on the customer reviews, it appears to be about a nineteen year old boy, David, who falls in love with a thirteen year old choir boy. It seems to take place in a boarding school - I presume it's British. It was published in 1969 and the consensus among reviewers is that it went out of print, despite being beautifully written, due to the controversial subject matter. Have any of you read this book?
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Slash Book/Film Reviews 
07:11am 16/11/2005
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Further to my post yesterday.

There is a great UK website that reviews tons of slashy books and films. I think all the books I mentioned are there plus a whole lot more. Really worth checking out:

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01:35pm 15/11/2005

I'm new here. I'm a big slash fan and read a lot of queer fiction and am always looking for people who I can discuss books with. Thing is, my favourite stuff is way out of the mainstream so mostly no one's even heard of it. Consider this post a list of recs and/or an invitation to discuss any of the following books:

AFTER NIRVANA by Lee Williams. The misadventures of a group of teenage hustlers in the Pacific Northwest in the 1990's. It's disturbing but funny at the same time. Even though the stuff that happens to them is pretty scary and awful at times, the young narrator has such a matter of fact attitude about everything it makes for an interesting read. Also covers a bit of the Seattle music scene from that era.


FROM BLUE TO BLACK by Joel Lane. I just got this one and haven't started it yet but it's the story of two gay lovers in a band in Birmingham England in the early 1990's. I guess one of them is (kinda sorta) based on the lead singer of Joy Division (was he a bisexual?) and the affair is sort of doomed from the start. The blurb on Amazon said it's "angst ridden," plus I like fanfic about rock musicians so I think I'll enjoy it. I'd be curious to hear opinions from anyone whose read this one.


These are just two of my faves that are more interesting than the average "gay" book.

And (shameless self-promotion) here's my own novel:

KING OF CATS. It's about a closeted British rock musician who was abused as a child and is real damaged goods. It follows his life in the UK and NYC, his slow climb to fame and his relationships with two different men. I think the book's strong point is its characters, who are extremely believable. They're sympathetic even when they're not likeable - which is more often than not. Be warned, there's a fair amount of (sexual/emotional) abuse in it and it's pretty angsty, but, for slash fans, I think that’s a plus.

Slashy books to trade 
08:02pm 26/08/2005
  I don't know if anyone's still watching this community, but I figured I'd give it a try.

I have some books that I'd like to trade -- I'm mostly interested in fantasy, or gay-themed fantasy, but make a suggestion and I might be willing to swap.

I have three by Mel Keegan:

Fortunes of War

Storm Tide


Hellgate: The Rabelais Alliance (Totally new and never read. It was published by DreamCraft -- they put out a lot of Pros zines, so you can't find this one on Amazon.)

I also have The Devil in the Dust (The First Book of Outremer) by Chaz Brenchley. I wouldn't get rid of this, but I bought the UK version of the books, which were published as a trilogy. The US version published six short books, and I don't need a duplicate. The series has several gay relationships -- some blatant, some not.

So, anyone want to trade?
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New member 
12:39pm 12/05/2005
  Hello, my name's SuuAnda, and I'm new to the com, though I wonder if it is still active. I was looking for new slash books recs, and found this com, which seems convenient, as I live in France and have a hard time finding what I want. Maybe I'll see interesting things here. :) Anyway, that's all for now.  
02:18pm 10/06/2004
mood: ecstatic
Oh my God, oh my fucking God!!!! Two days ago I went to the library and suggested that they'd buy a lot of slashy books. I left about twenty suggestions, and never expected that something would actually happen. And now, I get this letter:

(I'll try to translate it) We have gotten your suggestion, but have decided to not buy the older books. We will make an exception for Hall's book, since it was amazing (that's not the word, but I don't know how to translate it) Following books are ordered:

Hall, Radclyffe, The Well of Loneliness.
Hillsbery, Kief, War Boy.

Blah, blah, blah... Do you understand!? I got them to buy two books about homosexuality, how great isn't that!? Plus, I also got two books I had ordered from a bookstore today:

Romeo and Juliet (I think you all know the writer), and Picnic at Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay. I am so incredibly happy, I can't breathe.

Oh, and I'm Hanna from Sweden, by the way. :D
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Willing to swap 
07:06pm 30/11/2003
mood: thirsty
I recently brought a book called the Geography club; I read it, enjoyed it and now I’m willing to pass it on to someone else.
It’s a sweet tale and very funny at times, if your looking for a happy ending in which the lovers stay together though this book isn’t it and the main character never seems to come to terms with his sexuality but its interesting and well written.
There isn’t any sex, but there is boy on boy kissing and the book is very truthful about the feelings of a teenager in lust.

I’d like to swap it for another book; hopefully one with a little more sex in it.
An announcement 
08:14pm 15/09/2003
  about a new press

can be found here
yummy mail 
08:43pm 19/08/2003
  from byrne a pretty journal and purple pens

and more articles from ephemera

thank you dears
Free to a good home: "The Truth Can Get You Killed" 
04:18pm 03/08/2003
mood: loved
Queer-issue detective novel to give away: The Truth Can Get You Killed, by Mark Richard Zubro: A Stonewall Inn Mystery published by St Martin's Press

It's fast moving, with a complex and (pretty much) water-tight plot and some brilliant twists. The slash content is fair to middling - no explicit sex, but some guy-smooching and a plot revolving around gay male relationships. The issue examined is coming out and some interesting points are raised, as well as all the old arguments being rehashed.

I'm giving it away because I hate the writing style, especially the dialogue; dislike the heavy-handed, black-and-white approach to the issue and was irritated by the author's prejudices being laid on with a shovel. That said, I found the plot interesting enough for me to finish the book and be glad I read it.

I live in the UK, but I'll send this anywhere for free, just as long as the recipient promises to love it and hug it and call it George. First come, first served - please leave a comment and email me your address.

[Edit: Here's the Amazon blurb, although the first of the two editorial reviews isn't on TTCGYK. NB My copy's paperback.]
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lots of slash. lots and lots of slash. 
11:20pm 21/05/2003
mood: awake
The lovely switchknife has posted oodles upon oodles of slashy literature in the following thread. I thought I'd share.
Click here for literary slashiness: http://www.fictionalley.org/fictionalleypark/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=29620
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Just a recommendation 
08:27am 21/01/2003
  I got a book of short stories for Christmas called Cocksure: Erotic Fiction, byt Bob Vickery. Some of the stories are terribly cliched, some of them are just okay, but a few really stand out, and the sheer variety of ways and means of getting to the main event amazed me. An interesting and sometimes downright arousing read.  
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09:46pm 07/11/2002
mood: curious
So, uh... hi? Where is everybody?

The "Thin Red Line" novel has some slash, though in the story's context it's not really anything to wow over.

What have you people been reading lately?
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here's one for ya... 
09:03pm 11/09/2002
mood: giddy

they also have it in softcover -- just orderd myself an extra copy, because it's difficult to find in stores nowdays.

i can't really think of anything to compare it to. this review helps, but the reviewer fails to mention that Travis' commanding officer is gay. (another reason this book failed to find wider audience.) their relationship is handled brilliantly.

and the *ending* is just... *_*
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Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin 
12:06pm 12/08/2002
mood: watching hbo
Has anybody read Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin? The blurb bowled me over. It's about an American waiting in Paris for his fiancee, and then he meets Giovanni. Stuff happens, then the fiancee finally gets there. I saw it in a bookstore on my stopover in Singapore and regretted that I didn't have the cash with me then to buy it. So I'm just wondering, if you read it, was it good?
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It's not a slashy book 
08:20pm 09/08/2002
  But it is a writing book. Does anyone want a slightly battered, 1986 edition of Natalie Goldberg's Writing Down the Bones? I've read it, and one of my students bought it for me at a used bookstore, knowing I wrote. Free to good home. Just leave a comment and we'll iron out details.  
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