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Free to a good home: "The Truth Can Get You Killed"

Queer-issue detective novel to give away: The Truth Can Get You Killed, by Mark Richard Zubro: A Stonewall Inn Mystery published by St Martin's Press

It's fast moving, with a complex and (pretty much) water-tight plot and some brilliant twists. The slash content is fair to middling - no explicit sex, but some guy-smooching and a plot revolving around gay male relationships. The issue examined is coming out and some interesting points are raised, as well as all the old arguments being rehashed.

I'm giving it away because I hate the writing style, especially the dialogue; dislike the heavy-handed, black-and-white approach to the issue and was irritated by the author's prejudices being laid on with a shovel. That said, I found the plot interesting enough for me to finish the book and be glad I read it.

I live in the UK, but I'll send this anywhere for free, just as long as the recipient promises to love it and hug it and call it George. First come, first served - please leave a comment and email me your address.

[Edit: Here's the Amazon blurb, although the first of the two editorial reviews isn't on TTCGYK. NB My copy's paperback.]
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