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I'm new here. I'm a big slash fan and read a lot of queer fiction and am always looking for people who I can discuss books with. Thing is, my favourite stuff is way out of the mainstream so mostly no one's even heard of it. Consider this post a list of recs and/or an invitation to discuss any of the following books:

AFTER NIRVANA by Lee Williams. The misadventures of a group of teenage hustlers in the Pacific Northwest in the 1990's. It's disturbing but funny at the same time. Even though the stuff that happens to them is pretty scary and awful at times, the young narrator has such a matter of fact attitude about everything it makes for an interesting read. Also covers a bit of the Seattle music scene from that era.

FROM BLUE TO BLACK by Joel Lane. I just got this one and haven't started it yet but it's the story of two gay lovers in a band in Birmingham England in the early 1990's. I guess one of them is (kinda sorta) based on the lead singer of Joy Division (was he a bisexual?) and the affair is sort of doomed from the start. The blurb on Amazon said it's "angst ridden," plus I like fanfic about rock musicians so I think I'll enjoy it. I'd be curious to hear opinions from anyone whose read this one.

These are just two of my faves that are more interesting than the average "gay" book.

And (shameless self-promotion) here's my own novel:

KING OF CATS. It's about a closeted British rock musician who was abused as a child and is real damaged goods. It follows his life in the UK and NYC, his slow climb to fame and his relationships with two different men. I think the book's strong point is its characters, who are extremely believable. They're sympathetic even when they're not likeable - which is more often than not. Be warned, there's a fair amount of (sexual/emotional) abuse in it and it's pretty angsty, but, for slash fans, I think that’s a plus.
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