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Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin

Has anybody read Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin? The blurb bowled me over. It's about an American waiting in Paris for his fiancee, and then he meets Giovanni. Stuff happens, then the fiancee finally gets there. I saw it in a bookstore on my stopover in Singapore and regretted that I didn't have the cash with me then to buy it. So I'm just wondering, if you read it, was it good?
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I read it in college for some class, but I'm afraid I don't really recall the details. I remember the writing itself being superb, of course, but I couldn't swear to a happy or even moderately cheerful ending. You might want to go poke a few academics to get a more complete answer. :)

(Since it's such a widely printed book, it should be available from your local library or in a cheap edition from most bookstores, by the way.)
I've read it and didn't care for it personally. The story is certainly gripping, but there's so much self loathing from the main character because of his gayness. Plus he's ultimately a coward and an asshole. I've heard this novel touted as "breakthrough" and the author certainly has many accolades, so maybe it was just me.

Anyone else have a differing opinion?